25 September 2017

The Creative Mind Behind the Machines

As vice president of the Lenovo™ Experience Design Group, Brian Leonard leads design for all Lenovo PCs and Smart Devices. With more than 20 years of experience in technology design, Brian has been witness to the dramatic evolution in consumer design. We sat down with Brian to pick his brain on the design behind the latest IdeaPad™ series.
25 September 2017
by David Roman, Lenovo's Chief Marketing Officer

How Being Different Landed Lenovo on a List of the World’s Best Global Brands

The tech marketplace has never been more crowded. Blazing a trail to brand differentiation has never been harder. And attention spans have never been shorter. It is against that backdrop several years ago that we began redefining the Lenovo brand. Today we are excited to announce that, for the third consecutive year, Lenovo has landed on Interbrand’s prestigious list of the world’s Best Global Brands. We thought it was a fitting moment to reflect on why we made the list and how our brand transformation helped us better communicate what truly makes us different.

31 August 2017

Lenovo unveils the Lenovo Explorer™ immersive headset for Windows Mixed Reality

One of the most significant upgrades to the personal computer in over a decade is here today, following Lenovo’s latest unveiling of the Lenovo Explorer. A new immersive headset for Windows Mixed Reality, the Lenovo Explorer is designed as a natural extension of your PC, letting users of compatible mixed reality laptops and desktops do more of what they love to do: Watch shows in a virtual home office environment, play virtual reality (VR) games, travel the world through holo-tours, enhance their video-watching experience via 3D, 360-degree and 4K videos, browse online or even get things done with Microsoft Office suite.
31 August 2017

The Home Assistant Pack makes the Lenovo Tab 4 series tablets smarter than ever

The Lenovo Tab 4 series just got a whole lot more versatile, with the introduction of the Lenovo Home Assistant Pack. The Home Assistant Pack works with Amazon Alexa™ and makes any tablet in the Lenovo Tab 4 series—the Lenovo Tab 4 8, Lenovo Tab 4 10, Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus and Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus—a voice-activated smart assistant with a screen. Visual information can be shared on screen to go along with responses from the smart assistant. And with the optional Kid’s Pack and Productivity Pack, the Lenovo Tab 4 now lets you do a lot more, with one device. Offering the option to transform into a smart assistant, a 2-in-1 and a kid’s tablet, the Lenovo Tab 4 series truly offers one tablet, with many uses.
31 August 2017

Using the Lenovo™ Miix 520 2-in-1 to Ride Today’s Digital Tsunami

The immense changes sweeping across every aspect of human existence – work, education, and leisure – have often been likened to a kind of ‘digital tsunami.’ Some feel swept up in and battered by these changes, while others feel lifted up and liberated by them. So how do business professionals, students, and everyday consumers maximize their chances of catching that wave and riding it to where they want?
31 August 2017

The Yoga™ 920 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop: Nearly 50 Years in the Making

Late next year will mark the 50th anniversary of an event many consider the birth of the personal computer. In December 1968, inventor Douglas Engelbart took the stage at San Francisco’s now-defunct Brooks Hall and delivered what would come to be known as ‘The Mother of All Demos.’ For more than 90 minutes, he dazzled his audience with a live demonstration of a computer mouse, WYSIWYG text and graphics editor, collaborative networking, hyperlinking and videoconferencing.1 All of these had never been seen before.
31 August 2017

Good Vibrations: How Lenovo™ Crowdsourced the Cover Design of its New Yoga™ 920 Vibes

We now live in an era where consumer tastes are changing at the speed of social.  Not surprisingly, this is encouraging hardware makers that want their business to keep pace and create solutions designed to transcend gender, age, culture and geography.
28 August 2017

Seeking consistency, predictability and speedy deployment? Lenovo has the solution with the ThinkAgile VX Series

Lenovo® and VMware can help businesses modernize their IT environments and start the journey to a software-defined data center.  The result is a fast, streamlined infrastructure that saves time and improves performance—while making your IT organization more agile, and freeing up time to focus on strategic projects that will increase the bottom line. 
21 August 2017

Lenovo Think PCs Guide a Record-Breaking Expedition into Uncharted Arctic Waters

Boldly going where few have gone before, the Mission Arctic extreme expedition is on the fast track to transforming the world—and when we heard about their ecological adventure through Arctic Waters, we had to get involved. We had the opportunity to provide some of the technology necessary to support this epic journey, equipping the team members with Think laptops and tablets to help guide their epic excursion.
21 August 2017

Lenovo™ and CORSAIR® Join Forces on New Lenovo Legion Y920 Tower

Today at gamescom® 2017, we’re announcing an exclusive OEM partnership with CORSAIR® to bring gamers overclockable memory in our gaming PCs. Marrying CORSAIR’s deep engineering know-how in enthusiast memory components with Lenovo Legion’s high-performance PC gaming design, we’re working together to arm our top-of-the-line Lenovo Legion Y920 Tower with optional CORSAIR VENGEANCE® LPX overclockable DDR4 memory, adding an extra boost to its speed and performance.